Lost Summary

Lost Season 1:
  • Oceanic Flight 815 en route from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles, CA crashes on a tropical island.
  • The Boeing 777 carried 324 people (including crew) on the day of the 2004 crash. Approximately 100 people survived the crash and were forced to make the island their home.
  • Despite making every possible effort rescue seems increasingly unlikely.
  • Survivors of the crash explore the island and discover numerous curiosities, some of which are even of the supernatural variety like a mysterious smoke monster.
  • Survivors get to know one another. Relationships, friendships, and rivalries are formed.
  • Survivors discover and interact with hostile natives.
  • Survivors find a mysterious man made Hatch built into the ground in the middle of the jungle. Initially unable to open the hatch the Survivors finally blow it open in the final moments of season 1.
Lost Season 2:
  • The Hatch is discovered to be a practically abandoned science station built in the 1970s.
  • There's an eerie connection between negative events that occur and the strange number sequence of: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.
  • Within the Hatch Survivors learn of a mysterious button that must be pushed every 108 minutes. Supposedly, neglecting to push the button would have dyer consequences for the world.
  • Additional Oceanic 815 Survivors are discovered. This second smaller group of Survivors is comprised of 22 people that were sitting in the tail section of the plane that broke off during the crash.
  • The original group of Survivors that viewers were introduced to during season 1 consolidate with the tail section Survivors and get to know one another.
  • The collective group of Survivors get to know and have numerous confrontations with the mysterious group of natives that the Survivors call the Others.
  • The Survivors learn limited information about an organization called the DHARMA Initiative that has a history with the island, built the Hatch, and appears to have been created by scientists for the purpose of observing the island's "unique qualities."
  • Season 2 concludes with the much discussed button going un-pushed. The heroic efforts of one character contains the effects of what might have been an Earth shattering disaster to the island. It's believed the island has powerful unique electromagnetic properties, pushing the button gradually releases pressure, and failing to regulate the pressure can result in disaster of cataclysmic proportions.
Lost Season 3:
  • The Survivors learn an increasing amount about the fascinating DHARMA Initiative which has numerous other stations like the Hatch scattered around the island.
  • The Survivors as well as the audience gain a better understanding of the Others which includes their history on the island, their relationship with DHARMA, and their motives.
  • Through the Others and their own discoveries the Survivors learn about numerous strange island qualities that seem completely independent of the smoke monster and the electromagnetic field. These bizarre island properties include unexplainable physical healing unlike anything in the outside world and the curious predicament that women on the island can't deliver babies.
  • A freighter ship finds the island and promises to rescue the Survivors. As season 3 concludes the true motives of the freighter's crew are unknown. Island inhabitants are split between trusting the newcomers and being fearful that they may in fact turn out to be dangerous.
Lost Season 4:
  • The crew aboard the freighter turns out to consist of an innocuous Science Team and a Mercenary Team whose objective is to capture or kill one of the primary leaders of the Others.
  • Survivors and viewers at home discover the Orchid station that DHARMA built for time travel research. Time travel properties are revealed to be one of the many curiosities of the island. Time travel may ultimately turn out to be the key to explaining many of the island's anomalies.
  • The freighter ends up being destroyed when a bomb is detonated on the ship. Through a series of chaotic events only eight people are able to escape the island and return to the outside world. Two of the eight go into hiding and the remaining six become known to the media and the world as the famous Oceanic 6 survivors. The Oceanic 6 hide the secret of their bizarre experiences on the island.
  • In a desperate attempt to avoid the island being found again one of the Others with an advanced understanding of the island goes deep beneath the Orchid station through a secret passage that leads to an ancient frozen donkey wheel. After physically straining to turn the large wheel the island is instantly transported through time and space. The resulting shift causes the island to vanish to onlookers that witness the event from afar.
Lost Season 5:
  • The departure of the Oceanic 6 rings in an era of disarray on the island.
  • Sporadic time shifts on the island are the result of the ancient wheel being loose on its axis. When the wheel is finally corrected all of the inhabitants that were on the island during the initial shift wind up in 1974.
  • Survivors of the Oceanic 815 crash still on the island assimilate with the DHARMA Initiative community in the early days of DHARMA's inception.
  • While the Survivors on the island live a somewhat normal existence with creature comforts like houses, running water, electricity, etc. from the years of 1974 to 1977 the Oceanic 6 return as best they can to their pre-crash lives and go about their days between years of 2005 to 2008.
  • Initially ecstatic to be off the island each member of the Oceanic 6 becomes increasingly interested in returning to the island for a variety of individual motivations.
  • The Oceanic 6 and a couple of other former island inhabitants board a plane from Los Angeles to Guam that has been predetermined to have a flight path that will intercept with the island's shifting coordinates.
  • In 1977 most of the Oceanic 6 meet up with the Survivors that were left behind.
  • The Survivors now united in 1977 ultimately decide that they need to destroy the island by detonating a secret Hydrogen bomb (that's housed on the island) directly at the core of the electromagnetic epicenter. It's believed that by destroying the island in 1977 Oceanic Flight 815 won't crash in 2004 and none of the Survivors lives will be ruined. The Survivors are essentially betting that they can alter the past to change the future. The Survivors are ultimately successful in detonating the bomb and the results of that action aren't revealed until season 6.
  • While the Survivors are scheming to detonate the bomb in 1977 a power struggle of epic proportions is concurrently happening on the island in 2007. An almost mythical island leader that has seemingly been on the island for at least centuries is fatally stabbed through manipulations set in place by an age old nemesis that little is known about.
Lost Season 6:
  • Debuting in early 2010 the 6th and final season of Lost can best be followed at our sister site: Lost Final Season.
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