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If you're looking for summaries or recaps for Lost season 1, Lost season 2, Lost season 3, Lost season 4, Lost season 5, and/or Lost season 6 you've come to the right place.

There are many websites out there that offer elaborate explanations and theories about what's going on in the universe that ABC has created with its hit show Lost. This website aims to be a clean, crisp, and concise location for more casual viewers to quickly catch up on what's happened in past seasons so that they can:

(1) follow the much anticipated Lost final season,
(2) catch up on the past seasons as much or as little as they'd like, and
(3) be able to carry on a conversation with their friends that are strangely obsessed with every season and every episode of Lost.

If you're one of the millions of people that have said, "I hear Lost is a good show but at this point I'm too far behind to know what's going on," then please read this entire website and in an hour or two you'll be caught up with all of the major story lines.

If the totality of the information presented on this website is too overwhelming to read in one sitting then bookmark this site or print out the summaries to read at work while you're wasting time and trying to look busy.

Once you complete each season's summary you won't know as much as a total Lost geek but you'll be able to:

(1) enjoy the show no matter where you pick it up at,
(2) intelligently discuss the finer points of Lost with anyone, and
(3) get connected to what could become your favorite television show of all time.

This website won't provide the in depth analysis that many more complex Lost blogs offer but we will steer you in the right direction so that you can find all of the more intricate details about the Lost TV show that you might be interested in learning about after scanning our modest Lost blog.

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Below are strongly recommended websites for exploring the complexities of each Lost season:

WARNING: Checking out the below websites may completely consume you for months (we know from personal experience). If you just want concise summaries of what's going on in Lost take a look at the rest of this site.
  • Lostepdia - A tremendous reference tool and the primary aid for helping us organize our thoughts in this space. Thank you Lostepdia.
  • Time Loop Theory - Time Loop Theory showed tremendous foresight in predicting many of the "shocking" developments of season 4 and season 5.
  • Entertainment Weekly's Totally Lost - Entertainment Weekly has the inside scoop on all the Lost news. Check out this site for tremendous previews and recaps during the season. The quality of Totally Lost's insight is unmatched anywhere on the web - plus the videos are pretty funny.
  • Lost Final Season - Our sister site solely focused on the 6th and final season of Lost will allow you to closely follow all of the action leading up to the most anticipated series finale of all time.
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